​​​​​​​​​​friday, September 16, 2016

​​​​08:00-09:00 - Lomond Hall​

Neuromodulation for Cluster Headache: Why, How and When

Session Supported by ATI

Chairperson: Peter Goadsby, UK

08:00 - Update in pathophysiology of cluster headache
             Peter Goadsby, UK

08:05 - The electrical pill for cluster headache: insertion and titration
             Hans Ericson, Sweden

08:15 - Clinical e​vidence and long term results of SPG stimulation
             Mads Barløse​, Denmark

08:25 - Case Discussion
              ​Holger Kaube, Germany
              Mads Barløse​, Denmark
              Hans Ericson, Sweden

08:50 - Q&A

​08:00-09:00 - Alsh Hall

An Update on CGRP Antibodies: From Pharmacology to the Patients

Session Supported by Eli Lilly

Chairperson: Andrew Charles, USA

08:00 - Welcome and introduction
             Andrew Charles, USA

08:05 - CGRP, migraine and CGRP antibodies
             Andrew Charles, USA

08:20 - Clinical results with CGRP antibodies
             Elizabeth Leroux, Canada

08:35 - PK/PD properties of antibodies
             William Kielbasa, USA

08:45 - Panel discussion, questions and closing remarks
             Andrew​ Charles, USA
             Elizabeth Leroux, Canada
             William Kielbasa, USA

​12:45-14:15 - Lomond Hall

Breaking the status quo in the treatment of chronic migraine


Session Supported by Allergan

Chairpersons: Manjit Matharu, UK
                       Cristina Tassorelli, Italy

12:45 - Welcome and introduction 
             Manjit Matharu, UK
             Cristina Tassorelli, Italy

12:50 - Sensory insights into the development of migraine – pain processing
             and chronification
             Anthony Dickenson, UK

13:05 - The role of BOTOX® (botulinum toxin type A) in the treatment pathway 
             Stephen Silberstein ​USA

13:20 - Improving patient’s quality of life in real-world clinical practice
             Manjit Matharu, UK

13:35 - Tailoring treatment to optimise patient outcomes 
             Andrea Negro, Italy

13:50 - Panel discussion with audience Q&A
             Moderated by: Manjit Matharu, UK
                                     Cristina Tassorelli, Italy

14:10 - Concluding thoughts
             Manjit Matharu, UK

17:45-19:15 - Lomond Hall

Investigating the CGRP pathway: Progression towards a new approach in migraine prophylaxis​


Session Supported by Amgen/Novartis

Chairpersons: Peter GoadsbyUK
                       Lars EdvinssonSweden

17:45 - Welcome and introduction
            Peter Goadsby, UK

17:50 - How has the understanding of the CGRP receptor signalling pathway evolved?
            Lars Edvinsson, Sweden

18:00 - What are the patients’ unmet needs in migraine therapeutics?
             Messoud Ashina, Denmark

18:20 - What are the challenges involved in conducting clinical trials in migraine?
             Expert panel Introduced and moderated by:
             Gisela TerwindtThe Netherlands

18:40 What have we learne​d from anti-CGRP monoclonal antibody development to date?
             Uwe Reuter, Germany

19:00Q&A/ Closing remarks
             All Speakers
             Peter GoadsbyUK
             Lars EdvinssonSweden

saturday, september 17, 2016

​07:00-08:00 - Alsh Hall 

Migraine Medication—Friend or Foe?​


Session Supported by Alder Biopharmaceuticals

07:00 - Welcome,  Introductions and Objectives

            The etiological factors in migraine chronification, focusing on the role of acute
            medication vs biology, genetics, and the environment

            Julio Pascual Gómez, Spain
            Stewart J. Tepper, USA

07:45 - Bridging the divide with calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) antibodies:  ALD403​
            Roger K. Cady, USA

07:55 - Closing Remarks​

​10:30-12:00 - Lomond Hall

Lasmiditan and SAMURAI Phase 3 Study Results​


Session Supported by CoLucid

Chairperson: David DodickUSA

10:30 - Welcome and Introductions
             David DodickUSA

10:40 - Lasmiditan and Trigeminal Neuronal Activity
             Peter GoadsbyUK

10:50 - In Vivo Vascular Effects of Lasmiditan in Canines and In Vitro Effects on Human
             Isolated Arteries
             Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, The Netherlands

11:00 - SAMURAI – Pivotal Phase 3 Clinical Trial
             Bernice Kuca, USA

11:35 - GLADIATOR – Open Label Phase 3 Clinical Trial
             Uwe Reuter, Germany

11:45​ - Panel Q&A – moderated
              David Dodick​, USA

12:20-14:00 - Lomond Hall

Neuromodulation of Migraine: sTMS in Clinical Practice


Session supported by eNeura

Chairperson: Peter GoadsbyUK

12:20 - Welcome and introductions
            Peter GoadsbyUK

12:30 - Basic Principles and Clinical Applications in Migraine
             Kevin  ShieldsUK

12:55 - Mechanism of Action in Headache
             Anna AndreouUK

13:20 - Post-Market Observational US Study of Migraine (Treatment and Prevention)
             Amaal Starling, USA

13:45 - Q&A / Closing Remarks 
             Peter GoadsbyUK

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