About EHMTIC Congress

​​The European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress (EHMTIC) strives to further education, increase awareness and improve the lives of those afflicted by headache disorders worldwide. It is organised jointly by the European Headache Federation and The Migraine Trust.     ​

EHMTIC is a premier international event for neurologists, physicians, scientists, researchers, and international experts with an interest in migraine and headache disorders.

European Headache Federation (EHF)

Since its foundation in 1992, EHF (European Headache Federation), a nonprofit organisation, has sought to improve life for those affected by headache in Europe. To do so, EHF dedicates its efforts to improving awareness of headache disorders and their impact amongst governments, health care providers and consumers across Europe.

One of the main objectives of the EHF is to educate Europe about headache. Our teaching of key players such as young doctors, neurologists, general practitioners and all those involved in headache management is focused on the seriousness of headache disorders.

Within its federal structure, EHF supports national headache societies with a specific focus on Eastern European countries.
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The Migraine Trust is the health and medical research charity for Migraine in the United Kingdom.

Their goal is to empower, inform and support those affected by Migraine while educating health professionals and actively funding and disseminating research.

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