The Teaching Courses ​are scheduled for Thursday, September 15th.

Teaching Courses are included in the registration fee on a first come first serve basis. No Pre-registration is required.

BASH/IHS Teaching Course  Part I: 
Secondary  Headaches – Case Based Interactive Session​

Chairpersons: Alok Tyagi, UK
                      Allan Purdy, Canada

08:30 – 09:00 Registration & Welcome

09:00 – Case Presentations: What causes this headache?
             (Mechanisms underlying secondary headaches)
             David Dodick, USA

09:25 – Case Presentations: What is this headache?
             (Diagnosis of Secondary headache disorders)
             Fayyaz Ahmed, UK

​09:50 – Case Presentations: How do I investigate this headache?
             (Investigating ​Secondary Headaches​ – General Overview)
             Allan Purdy, Canada

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 – Case Presentation: I can't stand this headache!
             (Headaches due to changes in intracranial pressure)
             Alex Sinclair, UK​

10:55 – Case Presentation: Could this be my sinuses
             (Headaches due to infection)
             Callum Duncan, UK

 11:20 – Case: This headache keeps getting worse!
              (Headache attributed to non-vascular intracranial disorder)
              Brendan Davies, UK

11:45-Q and A
           All Faculty


12:30 – Case Presentation: It came out of the blue!
             (Vascular headaches 1)
             Stuart Weatherby, UK​

12:55 – Case Presentation: It hurts right here!
             (Vascular headaches 2)
             Mark Weatherall, UK

13:20 – Case Presentation: It came on after an accident!
             (Headaches due to trauma or injury to the head and neck)
             Andy Charles, USA​

13:45 - Coffee Break

14:00 - Case Presentation: I have this pain in my face!
            (Secondary Facial Pain Disorders)
            Paul Dorman, UK

14:25Case Presentations: What else could be causing my headaches?
            (Other headaches)
            David Dodick, USA
            Andy Charles, USA
            Alok Tyagi, UK
            Brendan Davies, UK
            Mark Weatherall, UK​

15:30 - Summary
            Allan Purdy, Canada
            Alok Tyagi, UK

Teaching Course #3:
BASH Primary Care​ track

Chairpersons: David Kernick, UK
                      David Watson, UK

12:30 – Pathophysiology of Migraine- Human Studies
             Shazia Afridi, UK

12:50 – Migraine
             Peter Miller, UK

13:10 – Migraine and women 
             Kay Kennis, UK

13:30 – Migraine in children 
             David Kernick, UK

13:45 -  Coffee Break

14:00 – Medication overuse headache
             David Watson, UK  

14:20 – Case Presentations: What else could be causing my headaches?
             Other headaches not covered above - Many Varied Etiologies)


teaching course #4:
Cluster Headache ​

  • Epidemiology
    Jose Pereira Monteiro, Portugal
  • Pathophysiology
    Arne May, Germany 

  • Clinical features and Diagnostic workup
    Koen Paemelerie, Belgium
  • Evidence-based treatments
    Rigmor Jensen, Denmark 

  • New therapeutic horizons​
    Charlie Gaul, Germany

​​teaching course #5:

  • ​The art of headache diagnosis and management in children – What is different?
    Prab Prabhakar, UK
  • Periodic syndromes in childhood
    Amy Gelfland, USA
  • Headache in under 7s
    Rachel Howells, UK
  • Headache in Adolescence
    Ishaq Abu-Arafeh, UK
  • Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments – current practice
    Jacques Bruijn, The Netherlands
  • Rare Headache disorders in Children​
    Aynur Ozge, Turkey


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